The following people have already volunteered for 15-20 mins (including questions and discussions) short talks for Wednesday. You can add your names if you want to give a talk. If the number increases, one more session will be scheduled.

Thursday, 06/23/2011

Ioulia Rouzina
Roland Netz

Wednesday, 06/22/2011

Mark Stevens
Misha Sheinman
Felix Sedlmeier
Henri Orland
Mike Cates
Everett Lipman

Wedenesday, 06/15/2011

Yitzhak Rabin
Brian Skinner
Henri Orland
Robijn Bruinsma
Nicolas Clauvelin
Mehran Kardar

Thursday, 06/02/2011

Carlos Marques
Arlette Baljon
Christoph Weber
Chase Broedersz
Dima Makarov
Erwin Frey
Garyk Papoian

Wednesday, 05/04/2011

Ajay Gopinathan
Philippe Marcq
Leonard Sander
Rony Granek
Anatoly Kolomeisky
Franco Ferrari